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    Durex is a British condoms brand, originally developed and produced in the United Kingdom by SSL International. SSL International was sold to the company Reckitt Benckiser in 2010. It is one of the best-selling condom brands across the world, with 30% of the global market.[1] In 2006, Durex condoms were the second best-selling brand of condoms in the United States, with Trojan condoms being the first. It is supplied by, among others, the company Karex.[2]

    Durex’s history dates back to 1915, when the London Rubber Company was formed. The brand name was launched in 1929, standing for “Durability, reliability, and excellence.” In 2007 the last factory making Durex condoms in the UK stopped manufacturing and production has since moved to China, India and Thailand.[3] The modern range includes a wide variety of latex condom, including the Sheik and Ramses brands in North America,[4] and the Avanti condom. Durex also provides a range of lubricants and sex toys.

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